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Time for Me

I have been working far too many hours each day.  I don’t want to fall off track or get even further behind schedule, but every once in a while I feel like I need to take some “ME TIME” and walk away from my office and studio.  It’s funny and I feel almost hypocritical because I tell myself that stepping away from work for a while will be good for me, but I really enjoy my work.  There really isn’t anything else that I would rather be doing. Whenever I try to mix it up and do something so-called nonproductive, I am just not satisfied and I head right back to work. So, I guess after all these years of trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life, I have finally found that my greatest passion is in writing and playing music, exactly what I do for a living!
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Happy Monday!

Behind Blue Eyes

Book Seven will be out soon! I have an editor now and everything is going as planned, just a bit behind schedule. I am going to expose a certain something that I didn’t intentionally leave out of my other books. I think that you will find it interesting and as always, I hope to inspire and help at least one person. LOVE-PEACE-HAPPINESS-STRENGTH-susie  Sweet Melissa Book Seven- Behind Blue Eyes  Because no one knows what it’s like...

The American Opioid Epidemic and Mental Illness

Someone Like Me-Is there a connection between addiction and mental illness? I say there is! Some people say that addiction is a choice, but I know for a fact that it’s not. Mental illness plays a big part in a persons decision making process and lifestyle choices. I am now in the middle of writing my 7th book and I will explain in detail how my chemically imbalanced mind thinks and reacts.  Well, at least how mine did before treatment
anyway! Sure, I am no pro and I am not a doctor, but I have a genuine real life experience and a story to tell. I hope that you will open your mind to the possibility, or shall I say the reality, that addiction is indeed a disease and not a choice.

Sweet Melissa Special Edition

I am in the middle of writing or shall I say rewriting Book One.  I left out so many things and so so much emotion and descriptive value that I thought I would give it another try! I have reunited with certain people (all are doing good and drug-free) and somehow memories have resurfaced and I felt the need to share! So, I am about mid way through my new book, “Someone Like Me” and I am hoping to have it available in March sometime or at the latest April!  I am recording Book 2 right now also now and all this is quite overwhelming at times, but I will get it done! I wish I had an assistant!  I am freezing my butt off in the mountains right now because it’s snowing and I drove up to the studio to record, but with my reindeer jammies on I will get the job done!

30 More Pages To Go! NAMM Show in 5 Days!

When you work for yourself...I think I need more hours in the day or possibly someone to help me.  I am determined to do this on my own and since I am so stubborn I have to keep fixing things as they pop up or are pointed out to me.  I guess people don’t realize that I ran the streets for decades and didn’t go to college. It’s a struggle but I am driven.  I wrote the Sweet Melissa Series as a  learning experience and as an outline for what’s to come.  I continue to learn each day and well those commas I feel I have to omit them completely to make the over judgemental reviewer happy.  Someone sent me some information on “The new editing style” and they don’t use “Serial Commas”anymore.  I thought it quite funny that “Serial Commas” actually is a real term.  Well, so much to learn and so little time.  LOVE-PEACE-HAPPINESS-STRENGTH-susie