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When you work for yourself...

I think I need more hours in the day or possibly someone to help me.  I am determined to do this on my own and since I am so stubborn I have to keep fixing things as they pop up or are pointed out to me.  I guess people don’t realize that I ran the streets for decades and didn’t go to college. It’s a struggle but I am driven.  I wrote the Sweet Melissa Series as a  learning experience and as an outline for what’s to come.  I continue to learn each day and well those commas I feel I have to omit them completely to make the over judgemental reviewer happy.  Someone sent me some information on “The new editing style” and they don’t use “Serial Commas”anymore.  I thought it quite funny that “Serial Commas” actually is a real term.  Well, so much to learn and so little time.  LOVE-PEACE-HAPPINESS-STRENGTH-susie


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My Name is Susie and I’m a Comma Addict

Editing a manuscript is like editing your life! Search for the mistakes and fix them!Book One of The Sweet Melissa Memoir Series has been revised!  No worries! I’m sure it has plenty of commas stuck in the wrong place! It also has dialogue and a more descriptive value including what? EMOTION,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,#Recovery #Adiction #OneDayAtATime If you need to hire an editor/life coach then do it!  If you’re stubborn like me and you want to do it alone, then be prepared for the criticism. Go through the pages of your manuscript/life one word at a time.  Find an easy flow. Don’t make it complicated with terms you don’t understand and ask for help when you can.  There’s one thing I’ve found to be true, and that’s putting comma’s in the right place.  I habitually overuse them
.  I guess they are my “NEW DRUG of CHOICE” and sometimes I follow my own rules of punctuation. If I need a pause or a break, I shove one in!  I am a comma addict, but I’m a happy o…

The American Opioid Epidemic and Mental Illness

Someone Like Me-Is there a connection between addiction and mental illness? I say there is! Some people say that addiction is a choice, but I know for a fact that it’s not. Mental illness plays a big part in a persons decision making process and lifestyle choices. I am now in the middle of writing my 7th book and I will explain in detail how my chemically imbalanced mind thinks and reacts.  Well, at least how mine did before treatment
anyway! Sure, I am no pro and I am not a doctor, but I have a genuine real life experience and a story to tell. I hope that you will open your mind to the possibility, or shall I say the reality, that addiction is indeed a disease and not a choice.