Saturday, January 20, 2018

30 More Pages To Go! NAMM Show in 5 Days!

When you work for yourself...

I think I need more hours in the day or possibly someone to help me.  I am determined to do this on my own and since I am so stubborn I have to keep fixing things as they pop up or are pointed out to me.  I guess people don’t realize that I ran the streets for decades and didn’t go to college. It’s a struggle but I am driven.  I wrote the Sweet Melissa Series as a  learning experience and as an outline for what’s to come.  I continue to learn each day and well those commas I feel I have to omit them completely to make the over judgemental reviewer happy.  Someone sent me some information on “The new editing style” and they don’t use “Serial Commas”anymore.  I thought it quite funny that “Serial Commas” actually is a real term.  Well, so much to learn and so little time.  LOVE-PEACE-HAPPINESS-STRENGTH-susie

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