Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Name is Susie and I’m a Comma Addict

Editing a manuscript is like editing your life! Search for the mistakes and fix them!

Book One of The Sweet Melissa Memoir Series has been revised!  No worries! I’m sure it has plenty of commas stuck in the wrong place! It also has dialogue and a more descriptive value including what? EMOTION,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,#Recovery #Adiction #OneDayAtATime
If you need to hire an editor/life coach then do it!  If you’re stubborn like me and you want to do it alone, then be prepared for the criticism. Go through the pages of your manuscript/life one word at a time.  Find an easy flow. Don’t make it complicated with terms you don’t understand and ask for help when you can.  There’s one thing I’ve found to be true, and that’s putting comma’s in the right place.  I habitually overuse them
.  I guess they are my “NEW DRUG of CHOICE” and sometimes I follow my own rules of punctuation. If I need a pause or a break, I shove one in!  I am a comma addict, but I’m a happy one!  My name is Susie and I’m a comma addict!


  1. I know what you mean! When I was re-editing my book for the 470th time, I found myself adding even more commas! My publisher sent me a note that the "new style" of editing has completely abandoned what they now call "Serial Commas". Broke my little heart! LOL

  2. terimakasih atas saran dan masukanya, saya sedang problem dengan istri saya. entah mengapa saya enggan untuk memulai bicara, sekarang saya pikir saya butuh orang lain untuk membantu saya, karena saya tidak mau terjebak dalam masalah ini lebih larut.
    Penularan Sipilis

  3. Loved the books! Read all six, can’t, wait, for, book, seven ;) ;) ;)

    Whooooo isssss Melissssaaaa?? Lol I kept waiting for her to be an inspiration for you or something. While the books don’t need one single change, I am curious who Melissa is?!?!


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