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The Importance of a Review

As a READER, I myself never left a REVIEW.  Now, as an AUTHOR, I understand the importance and VALUE of the review system.  Sometimes people look at your reviews and when they see that there are only a FEW they think that your book must not be very GOOD or that no one is BUYING it.  That is NOT always the case.  Most people do not a LEAVE review.  I read somewhere that you are LUCKY if 1 out of every 100 readers will leave a review.  Well, to get to my POINT, if you have read any of my BOOKS I would so, so, so, much APPRECIATE a review!  My books have been SELLING, and if you have read my books you know where I coming from, and what I have been THROUGH. I am not a college GRADUATE with a degree la-de-da galore.  I am an EX-JUNKIE just trying to tell my STORY about overcoming ADDICTION and ADVERSITY.  I want to show the WORLD that anything is possible.  I was a hardcore DOPE-FIEND for most of my life and I want to help INSPIRE others to CHANGE.  I want to EDUCATE the family members and friends of an ADDICT.  I want to show EVERYONE that it is not as easy as "JUST SAYING NO!"  I want to share my STORY in order to help others AVOID the pain and loss that I have endured.  I am trying to make up for LOST time now, and sometimes I get so EXHAUSTED.  I have FAITH in the LORD above.  I give EVERYTHING up to Him. I am accepting his GUIDANCE although sometimes things do not ROLL as smoothly as I would like them to.  I have to honestly say that ANYTHING that could possibly happen to me NOW, would be BETTER than what I have been through in the PAST.  I want to HELP you understand the ADDICT a bit more so YOU will have an IDEA on how to HELP them.  In return, I ASK for your help.  PLEASE leave a REVIEW.  YOU just do not know how much IT will be appreciated. I am an INDIE author with all ODDS against me, but SURPRISINGLY my NUMBERS are getting closer to the TOP! I am learning as I go, and I PROMISE you that BOOK 6 will be THE ONE TO READ!  I read article after article and take class after class to better meyself and gain more knowledge in the writing process. I have also been STUDYING up on audio recording and PLAN on recording the LAST book of the SWEET MELISSA MEMOIR SERIES myself! I may NARRATE the others as well, as I BELIEVE the TONATION will be AUTHENTIC! As always,  Love, Peace, and Happiness to all! 


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I have finally finished revising book four of the Sweet Melissa Memoir series! 2 more to go! The audio version for book 1 is almost done! I need more time in each day because 24hrs is not enough! My #dream is starting to become a #reality

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